“QYOU’s Profitability Is Right Around The Corner”

Pending profitability, recurring revenues, and being THE world leader in short-form video content were the points tabled by QYOU Media’s Chairman G. Scott Paterson in a just released interview with Capital Ideas Media publisher, Mark Bunting.

Mr. Bunting bills the interview as “talking to the charismatic, irrepressible and high-energy Scott Paterson, one of Bay Street’s most prolific dealmakers and the Chairman of QYOU Media. Find out how this company is creating a new MTV by packaging web videos for broadcasters and targeting the millennial market.”

In the writer’s view, Mr. Bunting mentioned MTV, as the founders of that very successful company (and groundbreaking for its time) are the founders of QYOU Media.

In addition to the discussion about the rapid pace of revenue growth, Mr. Paterson makes the following key points, as well as the investment thesis for why people should seriously entertain becoming shareholders.

  • Viewership of short-form video “dwarfs” television viewing
  • Growth of mobile video exceeds cannabis sales at nearly 50% per year
  • QYOU Media partners with “major media conglomerates” such as Sinclair Broadcasting
  • 70% – 80% of QYOU Media revenue is recurring partly due to fees
  • QYOU Media recently launched with Lufthansa Airlines and Buffalo Wild Wings
  • QYOU Media has partnerships with Vodafone, Liberty Sky, Tata and others

Mr. Paterson’s interview is the first segment in the program.

Below is the Financial Model referenced during the interview that illustrates management’s thinking on growth in 2017 and 2018.

As a reminder, Clarus Securities Technology Analyst Joseph MacKay has a $1.10 Target Price on QYOU.  For more information on the Clarus report, please click here. 

On the heels of recently announcing that the company’s premium ‘best-of-web’ video for multiscreen distribution for its programs and linear channels now reaches an addressable audience of more than 100 million consumers across six continents, QYOU added to those numbers today (October 10th) with more news titled, QYOU strikes again in Portugal with NOWO.

Here are some key highlights from today’s news release:

  • QYOU Media’s linear channel will bring best-of-web video content to almost a million additional homes through NOWO TV service.
  • The agreement sees further expansion of the QYOU channel reach across Western Europe.

To read the news release, please click here.