Canada Jetlines (TSXV: JET) Targeting European and U.S. Investors to Fund Launch

CEO Stan Gadek delivered several messages today (November 14th) at Scotiabank’s Transportation & Aerospace Conference, a key one being from where the company expects to secure its major capital commitments.

With a 49% foreign ownership exemption in hand, management has attracted interest from “significant airline investors”. JET is pursuing major European and U.S. investors because of their familiarity with successful Ultra-Low-Cost Airlines. The company is running a data room, which contains a highly detailed business plan with supporting documents that are available for review by qualified funders.

During a one-on-one discussion and Q & A with Scotiabank’s Transportation Analyst Turan Quettawala, Mr. Gadek covered a number of topics, including Westjet’s planned 2018 launch of Swoop.

The discussion is available at the following link:

Following the conference, the Canadian Press released the below story under the headline: Canada Jetlines targeting June 1 launch with foreign capital support.