It should be only a matter of a few months before Temas expects to have a Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) in hand for its Piskanja Boron project in Serbia.  

This was a key point that was discussed in a recent interview between Grant Howard, President of The Howard Group  and  Michael Dehn, CEO of Temas Resources. Here are some key highlights:

  •  50/50 partnership with Erin Ventures (EV: TSX.V) on the project.
  • Erin Ventures has already been working on the project for 20 years.
  • Uses of boron such as fiberglass, wood preservative, laundry detergents, glass, lithium batteries, etc.
  • Focus on providing Europe with a local source of Boron.
  • Focused on finalizing the resource and the PEA for the Serbian government by the end of the year. Then the company will target the 43-101 PEA report for Canada about 30 – 45 days later. 

To watch the full video, please click here.

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