This is a quiz. What do 32,500 single-use plastic straws equal by weight? The answer is one EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) block. 

And who has the alternative answer to the use of thousands of EPS blocks in many construction projects? CEMATRIX and its cellular concrete, of course.

By way of background, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is essentially inert and traditionally contains the flame retardant hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD). It’s highly toxic, persistent in the environment and studies have shown only minor degradation of EPS block in the soil after 15 to 30 years.

CEMATRIX’s cellular concrete  is an innovative product that is significantly kinder to Mother Earth and is a better solution in multiple construction applications such as bridges, roads and tunnels.

The below photo is taken from Wikipedia – EPS blocks used as bridge backfill 

Recently, CEMATRIX CEO Jeff Kendrick drove the point home on not only the multiple economic and cost saving attributes of the company’s proprietary cellular concrete formulations but the growing list of environmental benefits. 

Go to the 13 minute mark in the below interview as it’s the spot where Mr. Kendrick outlines many positives with cellular concrete and the point that  one EPS block is equivalent in weight to 32,500 single-use plastic straws, and like all other plastics, do not break down in a landfill.

Further below, we’ll discuss how supply chain issues are impacting EPS block availability and the doors this has opened for CEMATRIX.

To appreciate the size of a bridge approach fill project and how much EPS block could have been used, see the below video to appreciate the scope of what CEMATRIX completed with cellular concrete.

There is the old saying that “one person’s misfortune is another person’s opportunity” and that is applicable to the CEMATRIX business story.

The company has made inroads with one of Canada’s largest engineering firms due to the fact that there’s up to a nine-month wait for EPS block, which dramatically impacts project timelines while CEMATRIX is only a phone call away.

Due to the gravity of the supply chain issues, this engineering firm was finally convinced to utilize CEMATRIX on two smaller projects and now, based on the success of that work, the company has been requested to bid on a series of projects.

On a closing note and it’s always something shareholders like to hear, since November 17th,  CEO Jeff Kendrick and CFO Randy Boomhour have purchased nearly $150,000 in CEMATRIX stock in the open market priced between $0.34 – $0.41.


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