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Argex Titanium Inc. has developed an advanced chemical process for the production of high-grade titanium dioxide for use in paint, plastics, coatings, cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical and other TiO2 applications.

It is focused on becoming a near-term producer of high-value specialty chemicals at a production facility in Valleyfield, Quebec. The company has recently awarded an engineering, design and construction contract to Spanish-based Tecnicas Reunidas Group for its first commercial scale production facility.

In 2013, Argex signed a long-term TiO2 supply agreement with PPG Industries, one of the largest paint companies in the world, and a Letter of Intent with one of the world’s leading chemical distribution companies. In 2014 the company signed a long term marketing and supply agreement with Helm U.S. for 50% of the annual production of its first industrial sized plant. In March 2015, the company signed a letter of intent with global chemical manufacturer and distributer PVS Chemicals for 100% of its iron by-products.VIEW-WEBSITE-BUTTON