With an eye on launching service in the next few months, Canada Jetlines, the new, all-Canadian leisure carrier  unveiled its first A320 aircraft on March 23rd to a group of potential investors, media, friends, family, travel industry partners, members of  tourism boards, airports, travel agents, hotels, and payment solution providers. The private event took place at the Chartright Air Group Fixed Based Operation (FBO) facility at the Region of Waterloo International Airport (CYFK). 

The VIP debut gave attendees an exciting first ever look at the Recaro 3530 seat, a first for any Canadian air carrier; the seat is an important feature of the Airbus A320 onboard experience. Attendees were able to tour the airline’s first aircraft and meet the Canada Jetlines executive team and board of directors, who provided more insight on the carrier’s timeline towards take-off. The team revealed progress towards an inaugural flight in July to magnificent travel destinations in Florida and the Caribbean. 

“We are thrilled to welcome guests to be able to see and touch the Canada Jetlines brand in person! As we are now in the final stages of the licensing process, we are closer than ever to taking to the skies to show the world what we have in store,” stated Eddy Doyle, CEO of Canada Jetlines.

John Kirk of Travel pulse Canada was at the event and captured the attendees’ enthusiasm  including Toronto Deputy Mayor Michael Thompson. The series of interviews can be seen by CLICKING HERE.

Please CLICK HERE to view footage from the live event.

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