As of this writing, CEMATRIX stock is trading in the $0.35 range, which is well below the target prices of analysts from two investment firms that are both looking at heady growth for the cellular concrete company in 2022.  

The stock is under some pressure with the release of Q3 results (Click Here) that saw revenues at $7.1 million or down $3.8 million from Q3/20, which is the direct result of some large projects being pushed into 2022. 

The point is that projects aren’t being lost, just delayed due to ongoing Covid related issues, which are compounded by problems with the global supply chain. CEMATRIX in a project is one of a number of moving parts and if one of the cogs (contractors) goes out of whack, every company down the line is impacted.

Clarus and M Partners analysts are seeing the current price situation as an opportunity and fully anticipate 2022 will be a banner year for CVX, which is still sitting on more than $20 million in cash.

Both analysts have rated CEMATRIX as a BUY with Clarus calling for $1.25 and M Partners $1.00 based on revenue estimates for 2022 of $57.1 million and $45 million respectively. 

Additionally, Clarus expects this year’s revenues to be $22.6 million and M Partners, $22.8 million compared to $26.6 million in 2020.

Both analysts believe CEMATRIX is ready to capitalize on the expected increase in infrastructure spending as governments look to stimulate economic activity as the pandemic winds down.

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