CEMATRIX stock up more than 10% as of this writing.  On the heels of  announcing a record year of revenue totalling $26.6 million, CEMATRIX today (May 5th) released news that it has been awarded $3.6 million in new business.

What should be of interest to investors is the fact that the backlog is equivalent to 3.6 times 2020 revenues and speaks to the company’s fundamental growth.

Of note, the majority of the new awards are Canadian projects signalling the continued rebound of the Canadian market.  2020 saw a 50% decrease in Canadian revenue from 2019 due to the battle with COVID and its delaying of projects.

Today, a piece was released on Rich TV Live where the host shares why he invested in CEMATRIX and walks through the opportunity as he sees it.

The video can be seen by clicking here…