Under the title of “Impressive Block Hour and Revenue Growth”, Ian Macqueen of Bancroft Capital takes a highly detailed look at not only Global Crossing Airlines’ third quarter results but his perspective on two different scenarios for 2024.

In commenting on Q3 he wrote, “Management put in a Herculean effort to achieve an 81% Q/Q increase in block hours flown and a 35% Q/Q increase in revenues in Q3.” but did note that this growth required a material increase on the expense side.

Below are his summary points on the third quarter (All $USD)

  • 6,506 operated block hours which were 8% above our estimate of 6,050.
  • Revenues of $42.6MM which were in-line with our $42.4MM estimate.
  • Expenses of ($44.9MM) which were 13% higher than our ($39.6MM) estimate.
  • Net Income of ($4.9MM) vs. our $2.0MM estimate.
  • EBITDA of ($1.8MM) vs. our estimate for $3.4MM.
  • EBITDAR of $7.6MM vs. our estimate for $10.4MM.

Mr. Macqueen didn’t shy away from the stock being down following the Q3 results saying, “The market response to Q3 results, with shares down ~10% on the release date, suggests that investors’ main criteria is profitability over growth. Management continues to reinforce the need to reinvest for growth but a projection on the Q2 call for a profitable Q3 seemed to be top of mind for investors” and then added, “Thankfully, the $35MM debt financing closed in Q3 and with no imminent need for capital, the share price weakness is an inconvenience and not a death sentence.”

His report details a variety of influencing factors that led him to constructing the base and upside cases for the coming year. The base case sees revenues at $265 million, a net loss of $9 million, and EBITDAR (Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation Amortization Rent) of almost $61 million.

His upside case comes in at just over $360 million in revenues, $18 million net income and $107 million EBITDAR.

As of this writing GlobalX’s market cap is $36 million (US) / $49 Million (CDN) with the stock trading at $0.64 (US) / $0.90 (CDN).

GlobalX CFO Ryan Goepel always speaks to the importance of EBITDAR on the company’s quarterly webinars and this point is reiterated by Ian Macqueen,“The peers listed below (chart within report) both own and rent aircraft while GlobalX rents all of its aircraft. In order to have a metric that allows us to compare these airlines using different mixes of operating and finance leases, we need to add back rent expense on operating leases to EBITDA so that we’re comparing apples to apples”.

As a general comment on the airline sector, GlobalX is not immune to general negative investor sentiment that airlines have been fighting the past couple of years. As one example of many, below is the stock chart for Sun Country Airlines that was trading at $43 in July 2021 and is now under $15 (USD).

What the broad market may still not fully understand is that GlobalX as a charter and cargo airline doesn’t sell seats like the scheduled carriers, there’s no fuel price risk as that’s covered off contractually and the money is in the bank before the wheels go up.

To read the Bancroft Capital update report, which also looks at a range of “fair value” for the shares based on his scenarios.

Readers of this commentary and Mr. Macqueen’s report should understand the following, which in part reads:

This report has been commissioned by Global Crossing Airlines Group Inc. (GlobalX) and prepared and issued by Bancroft Capital Corp. in consideration of a fee payable by GlobalX. This report is published for informational purposes only.

Ian Macqueen owns GlobalX common stock.

Ian Macqueen’s bio:

Mr. Macqueen has over twenty years of varied capital markets experience. He currently runs a consultancy service assisting clients with corporate planning and investor relations. Originally a Professional Geologist by training, Mr. Macqueen worked as an equity analyst focusing on the energy sector for a number of different banks between 2005 and 2020. Prior to that, he spent five years evaluating and marketing oil and gas assets.


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