The company has understandably said very little about its important contribution to the massive airlift effort underway in the embattled country but a few details are now emerging.

There are intriguing back stories to management’s incredible and immediate response to the U.S. government’s request for assistance as the company readied its Airbus A320 and A321 in record time and even surprised U.S. officials as to how quickly the planes arrived in theatre.

It also can’t be overstated the phenomenal response management received from pilots, crew and support personnel. It’s our understanding that when the call went out for volunteers, it took only ten minutes for the assembly of the team.

What’s very notable about this story is that GlobalX only received it’s certification earlier this month and as stated in the translated German article below, “They are also the only non-military aircraft from the United States that flew directly into Afghanistan.

New US airline takes off to Kabul with a government contract

A freshly launched airline from the USA is on the move with its entire fleet in Afghanistan. It is an exception, while practically everyone else flies around the crisis country.

Global Crossing Airlines only received its operating license at the beginning of August and started commercial flights. Now your planes are suddenly on the move in Afghanistan, an airspace that is currently flown around by almost all other airlines and is used almost exclusively for military purposes.

On Sunday (August 22nd) an Airbus A320 and an A321 from Global Crossing arrived in Kabul after several stopovers from Miami. The two passenger planes currently make up the entire fleet of the charter airline. They are also the only non-military aircraft from America that fly to Afghanistan.

State mandate

The reason for the unusual flight movements is an order from the American State Department. However, there are not many details about this. In a statement on Monday (23 August), Global Crossing Airlines confirmed “that the company has made aircraft available to support humanitarian aid operations in Afghanistan”. She referred to the ministry for further comments.

The airline’s two Airbus planes are now flying back and forth between the Afghan capital Kabul and neighboring Tajikistan. These are evacuation flights for those in need of protection. What is striking, however, is that the US military itself uses Qatar as a base for their evacuation and subsequent redistribution flights.

Not part of the CRAF support fleet

The US activated its civilian support fleet for the third time in history on Sunday, August 22nd . The program called Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) has now commissioned six American airlines to provide a total of 18 aircraft for the evacuation of vulnerable people from Afghanistan.

However, the support aircraft only take care of the onward transport of evacuees. That means they don’t fly to Afghanistan itself, but pick people up at bases abroad, for example in Qatar. The flights operated by Global Crossing are not part of the CRAF mission, but are a separate mission.

Other airlines in Afghanistan

Almost all airlines currently fly around Afghanistan completely. Return flights are operated by the air forces of various countries. The USA mainly uses Boeing C-17s for this, Germany has sent several Airbus A400Ms. But besides Global Crossing Airlines there are few other exceptional cases in which normal passenger jets fly to and from Kabul.

Shortly after the Taliban captured Kabul, Turkish Airlines sent a Boeing 777-300 ER to the capital to evacuate people. The Afghan airline Kam Air has also operated some flights with its Boeing 737 and Airbus A340 in the meantime.

Much closer to home and on a less serious note, the company garnered recent press coverage in Atlantic City as GlobalX is seen as an upcoming important player for not only providing charter services to casinos and resorts but also local university teams. Click here to read more

GlobalX will have two more aircraft in its fleet by this October.