CFO Ryan Goepel “Compared to any other value metric against any other operator, our share price today should be $6 – $7.”

Mr. Goepel was to the point when asked about a NASDAQ or NYSE up-list in 2022 and the company’s current valuation versus the share price, which is in the $1.30 USD range as of this writing. 

He and CEO Ed Wegel were very clear in their belief that based on the strong financial results released on March 31st, the outlook of surpassing $90 million in revenues this year, hitting profitability as of the third quarter and combined with fleet growth that the company is very undervalued compared to other charter and cargo operators. The specific response to the up-list question comes at the 28 minute mark of the recording.

In the detail packed webinar, it was also discussed  that airlines are valued at roughly $50 million per aircraft and GlobalX currently has 6  in its fleet with 3 more expected in the next 3 months.  GlobalX is expecting to end the year with 13 aircraft being a mix of cargo and passenger on its way to 50 by 2025.

With $161 million in long term contracts and LOI’s already secured, management stated it expects to average 25% revenue growth every quarter in 2022 USD.

The March 31st webinar can be viewed HERE.

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