“Frankly I’m in awe of what you’ve been able to do in the last 6-9 months.”

Cowen Managing Director Reflects On The Accomplishments Of Global Crossing Airlines  

Glowing in her praise of GlobalX management and what it has achieved in a short period of time is an apt description of the feelings of Cowen’s managing director and Airline analyst Helane Becker.

Ms. Becker is a well known and sought after analyst with New York based Cowen, a 100 year old firm with multiple U.S. and international offices. On September 10th,  Ms. Becker was in conversation with GlobalX CEO Ed Wegel and CFO Ryan Goepel as part of Cowen’s 14th Annual Global Transportation & Sustainable Mobility Conference.

At the conclusion of the discussion, which shed a great deal of light on revenue growth, margins, rapid passenger and cargo fleet growth over the next several years and a NASDAQ uplisting, Ms. Becker closed with, “I’m very excited for your future…because you have an opportunity to be one of the few successful post recession, post pandemic airlines”.

The presentation can be viewed by clicking here.