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Trakopolis and Honeywell’s ConneXt Lone Worker Featured on EHSToday

The recently launched, fully connected portable gas detector,  ConneXt Lone Worker, co-developed by Trakopolis and Honeywell was featured in an article on titled, “No Worker Left Behind: Protecting Lone Workers in the Oil and Gas Industry“. In early May the two companies announced their first deal valued at $4.8 million (USD) for 1,500 Units that pairs […]

Trakopolis: Honeywell VP Discusses The Future Of Wearable, Connected Devices In The Workplace

In an article in Health & Safety Matters online magazine titled, “Is the future already here?”, Cleo Cabuz, Vice President of Engineering at Honeywell Industrial Safety, describes the inevitable shift to wearable and connected technology in the workplace. In the article, he states that the trend towards wearables is starting to make an impact in […]

Alex Ruus Discusses FLYHT On BNN - “We Think It’s Quite Undervalued Here”

Alex Ruus Discusses FLYHT On BNN – “We Think It’s Quite Undervalued Here”

Late yesterday, long-time supporter and shareholder Alex Ruus, Portfolio Manager at Arrow Capital Management, was upbeat in his response to a question on FLYHT Aerospace while appearing on Canada’s Business News Network (BNN). Mr. Ruus closed the segment by stating, “It’s taken a while to develop the market, but it’s now turned profitable in the […]