Insight Limited Partnership

insight LP

Accolade Capital is the General Partner for the Insight Limited Partnership II, which focuses on investments in micro & small cap public companies as well as some private entities. Accolade Capital is governed by a Board Of Directors comprised of highly successful entrepreneurs. Insight LP II is co-managed by Grant Howard and Harvey Brovald.

Investors in the Insight LP I, which came to term in 2012, were returned all of their investment, a distribution of profits as well as a distribution of capital losses that provided a real return of approximately 30% to 35% contingent on the individual’s taxable position.

Accredited investors who wish to receive information when funding is launched for Insight LP III are asked to register their interest by email to:   Grant Howard

Accredited investors resident in Canada are eligible to invest in Insight LP III.  Non-Canadian residents (including the United States) may be eligible to invest depending on their particular circumstances.

Please click here to visit the Insight Limited Partnership website.