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The company has received a number of questions in regards to the rights offering. Below are answers to frequently asked questions to help investors understand the Rights Offering and how to navigate through it.

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A new item is now showing in my Brokerage Account – MWX.RT. What is this?

These are an electronic version of the Rights Certificate that allows you to purchase common shares in MWX at $0.015 each.

Why is there a price associated with it?

The MWX.RT is a tradable security and the price listed is the current market value people are paying to purchase a Right from shareholders who wish to sell their Rights.

Does this mean I can sell my Right?

Yes, if you wish. The same process that you use to buy or sell shares is used for buying or selling Rights.

How do I exercise my Rights?

You need to provide instructions to your Broker that you want to exercise your Rights.

What is the difference between exercising a Right and buying a Right?

There has been Rights added to account and if you want to get the shares associated with these Rights you tell your broker/bank you want to exercise the rights at $0.015 per share. If you are trying to add extra Rights you buy them in the market, you will pay for the purchase of the right and then pay another $0.015 per share when exercise these Rights for common shares.

What if I want more than the current Rights I have?

There are two methods to secure more rights, subscribe for extra Rights through the Additional Subscription Privilege or buying extra Rights in the market.

Which is better?

Buying in the market will guarantee that you get the extra rights but will cost more as you pay the cost of purchasing the right plus the $0.015 per share to exercise the Right. In the case of the Additional Subscription Privilege, you only pay the $0.015 per share to exercise but there has to be unexercised Rights to fulfill your subscription and your amount could be only partially filled due to demand.

How do I subscribe to the Additional Subscription?

At the time that you are exercising your base Rights you need to instruct your brokerage representative to also subscribe for the amount of shares you want under the Additional Subscription Privilege.

What paperwork is required to do this?

Each firm will require different types of paperwork, so you need to contact your brokerage representative to determine what is required by the firm you deal with.

When do I know how many additional shares I actually receive?

After the Rights expiry date of March 8, 2021, Computershare will review the unexercised rights and the Additional subscriptions and fill or prorate the requests. They will then inform the parties of the actual shares they will receive.

If I sell or buy my MWX shares does it affect my number of rights?

No, the Rights (MWX.RT) and the common shares (MWX) are separate securities and are bought and sold independently of each other. But if you sell all my Rights you will have half of your shares at post consolidation (March 15).

It is difficult to contact my representative, what can Mineworx do to help?

Unfortunately, Mineworx has no ability to assist in this process, we have done everything we could by getting the MWX.RT into your account.

Is there anything else you can suggest to help?

Some people have had success by going into a branch if your brokerage firm is connected to a bank, others have tried email and inquiries on social media. We know the Twitter accounts for these companies are monitored and can be helpful at times.

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