QYOU Media (TSXV: QYOU) – It’s MUCH Bigger Than You Think!

More eyeballs = more revenue is a simplistic but to the point formula of QYOU Media’s business model. If you accept the premise that the market values a company on not only what has been achieved, but also the “future”, then it’s time to pay attention. The company’s numbers are becoming quite “eye-catching”, and that is a simple fact.  

QYOU’s “reach” has blossomed in one short year as its digital media content targeted at Millenials and Gen Z audiences is now shown in 35 countries on six continents.  

With these thoughts in mind, review how CEO Curt Marvis has set the stage for 2018 and beyond:

  • QYOU’s global footprint expanded very dramatically in 2017 as it announced 13 new content partnerships in 2017, taking in the geographies of central and eastern Europe, the Caribbean, India, North America and Africa, reaching a potential audience in excess of 100 million.
  • The big theme of 2017 was ‘localisation’, with QYOU adapting its core product mix to create VOD (Video On Demand) and linear channel properties for specific markets – including the launches of QYOU Poland and QYOU India, and featuring an expanded lineup of local talent/content.
  • India is a major highlight with a second deal struck with TATA Sky to bring QYOU India to cable audiences as well as mobile subscribers. This opened the door to several more opportunities across South and South East Asia, including the very recently announced iflix distribution deal, which captures the territories of Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.
  • The above adds a potential audience reach of 1 Billion people, with the ramp up starting now.
  • Across 2017, QYOU also demonstrated its expertise in creating genre-specific programming in the burgeoning eSports (competitive gaming) arena. The deal struck with SuperChannel in Canada for daily sports roundup show – Heads Up Daily (HUD) – is a leverage point for engaging with a range of other traditional TV and new generation OTT services (streaming content provider sells media directly to consumers) interested in adding eSports to their content lineups.
  • For 2018, investors should be looking for further developments in this area as discussions are ongoing across Europe, North America and Asia for localisation of this kind of programming.
  • In addition to announcing new distribution deals, QYOU Media strengthened its position as a thought leader in the content marketplace for millennial television. CEO Curt Marvis was invited to speak at Broadcast India, and has been published in a range of industry publications including:
  • Other thought leaders in the company have also been published on the themes of localisation, influencer marketing, and eSports, helping to broaden QYOU’s awareness across a range of market segments.
  • Overall, QYOU Media’s press mentions grew by 33% in calendar year 2017 compared to the previous year, reflecting the company’s expanding global activities and growing interest from TV providers to meet the needs of Millennial and Digital Native viewers with a content mix that best represents the online world, in which they are already so immersed.

QYOU has close to 67 million shares issued with a market cap of approximately $25 million.

Clarus Securities Technology Analyst Joe MacKay forecasts 2018 revenues of $15.4 million and has a target price of $1.10. 

The stock is trading in the $0.35 to $0.40 range as of this writing.

Clarus Securities Tech Analyst Can See A Near Doubling of QYOU’s 2018 Revenues

On the heels of QYOU Media’s (TSXV: QYOU/OTCQB: QYOUF/FRA: 0QY) announcement of a major contract with iflix, Clarus Securities Technology Analyst Joe MacKay noted in an update report that “we believe that QYOU is well positioned to meet our 2018 revenue estimate of $15.4 million.” Mr. MacKay has forecasted 2017 revenues of more than $7 million.

His price target is a $1.10 with the stock currently trading in the $0.35 to $0.40 range.

Mr. MacKay comments that with the iflix deal as well as the launch of QYOU India with Tata Sky in the “fast growing India wireless market,” QYOU has grown its potential audience reach to “over 1 billion.”

His update looks at recent QYOU wins:

  • “Malaysia based iflix launched in May 2015 and has expanded its Netflix like streaming service to 25 emerging markets and is estimated to have ~6.5MM subscribers. The bulk of its subscribers are based in Asia and ~500k subscribers in the Middle East with operations in five countries in Africa launching in June 2017. Iflix’s customers’ viewing habits appear to fit well with QYOU’s millennial focus …”
  • “On the back of the deal with Tata Sky, we believe that there is significant opportunity for QYOU to distribute its content to wireless operators in India. India has 1.17B wireless subscribers with 332MM subscribers being broadband compared to less the 100MM a year ago.”
  • “QYOU went live in Canada with its eSports program Heads Up Daily (HUD) in January on the Super Channel’s GINX eSports, a 24-hour gaming channel and will produce 300 hours of eSports programming. While the show is still young, we believe that given the current popularity of the eSports space globally, there exists multiple opportunities to license the show internationally …”

QYOU is a global media company that curates and packages premium ‘best-of-the-web’ video for multi-screen distribution with its content now carried in over 35 countries. It was founded and created by industry veterans from Lionsgate Entertainment and MTV.

The update has been made available to client’s of Clarus Securities and is not available to the general public.

Interview With LGC Capital CEO John McMullen – “LGC Is the Only Pure Global Play In The Canadian Market”

Over the weekend John McMullen, CEO of LGC Capital, was interviewed by Steve Feldman on his Vancouver radio show “Canada Pot Talks”. During the over 20 minute interview, Mr. McMullen covered the following topics.

  • LGC’s unique global approach to the cannabis market.
  • An overview of LGC’s Australian grower – Little Green Pharma.
  • Mr. Feldman mentioned the CNN report on cannabis called “The green gold rush: Could Africa be on the verge of a weed race?” Link to article: http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/09/africa/african-countries-legalize-marijuana/index.html
  • An overview of its South African opportunity House of Hemp and its potential.
  • LGC’s Quebec-based investment – AAA Trichomes and natural advantages (cost of electricity and water) that Quebec presents compared to other Canadian provinces.
  • The opportunity to work with Creso Pharma and Baltic Beer Co. to produce cannabis-infused alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. To view a link to last week’s news release discussed during the interview, please CLICK HERE.

To listen to the full interview please click here. – http://cirh2.streamon.fm/listen-pl-14061

The interview starts at about the 29 minute mark.

Super Channel and QYOU (TSXV: QYOU) Launch Daily Esports Show

The video game and esports culture has become a global phenomenon.  The growing esports audience was expected to reach 385 million viewers in 2017 with 37% of global esports revenue coming from North America.  It is estimated that by 2020, esports revenue will reach $1.5 billion.

This past October, QYOU Media announced its QYOU Productions would produce Heads Up Daily (HUD), a new daily show of curated esports content aimed at the rapidly-growing number of esports fans around the world in early 2018.  The first licensing partner for the series is Super Channel’s GINX Esports TV Canada, which became North America’s first 24 hour gaming channel in May 2017.  

Super Channel announced today (January 15, 2018) that the show will debut tonight at 7:00 pm ET on Super Channel (SC1) and will also be featured on GINX the following day at 12:00 pm ET as well as Super Channel On Demand.  To view news release, CLICK HERE.

“We are thrilled to launch the world premiere of our new esports format HUD with Super Channel,” said Curt Marvis, CEO and Co-Founder, QYOU Productions Inc.  “This is a big milestone for QYOU as we begin to push HUD out via new and existing distribution partnerships globally over the coming months.  Our showrunner Carl-Edwin Michel and his team at Northern Arena Productions are ensuring that this show will combine broad appeal with an authenticity that ensures it is made by gamers for gamers.”

QYOU will be looking to capitalize on its unique production in the hottest area in sports and television today, and will look to licence HUD to several territories globally.

The show is hosted by video game veterans Marissa Roberto and Brody Moore, and will be shot in Mississauga, ON.

Canada Jetlines Ltd. (TSXV: JET) – $3.03 Target Price – Fundamental Research

Fundamental Research recently initiated coverage of Canada Jetlines on September 6, 2017 and placed a “Fair Value” recommendation of $3.03, or nearly ten times the value of today’s trading price of the company’s stock.  

Although the target price remains at $3.03 in the updated report posted on December 11, 2017, new highlights look at the number of things that JET has accomplished in the short time since initiating coverage including:

  • On December 5, 2017 – announced its intent to offer flights out of Halifax Stanfield International Airport (“YHZ Airport”), come summer 2018.
  • On November 2, 2017 – addition of the former CEO and president of John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport, to the company’s advisory board.
  • On October 30, 2017 – intent to offer flights out of the Abbotsford International Airport (“YXX Airport”), come summer 2018.
  • On September 11, 2017 – reached an agreement to provide ultra-low-cost air service out of both John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport (“YHM Airport”) and entered active discussions with the Region of Waterloo International Airport (“YKF”).
  • On September 7, 2017 – signed an LOI with a major US aircraft leasing firm for two Boeing 737-800NG aircraft. The agreement stipulated the delivery of the aircraft for April 2018. This is inline with the company’s expectation that they will be able to grow the fleet by four aircraft per year.

To view the report, please click here.

Canada Jetlines CEO’s New Jacket An Attention Grabber

Jetlines CEO Stan Gadek hosted a press conference today (December 5th) in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to discuss its announcement that Jetlines will be using Halifax Stanfield International Airport as its Eastern Operational Base.

Mr Gadek used his wardrobe to set up his comments about the Ultra-Low-Cost fares that Canada Jetlines will offer Canadians. His remarks on the topic start at the five-minute mark in the video which can be viewed below or by clicking here.

Canada Jetlines (TSXV: JET) Targeting European and U.S. Investors to Fund Launch

CEO Stan Gadek delivered several messages today (November 14th) at Scotiabank’s Transportation & Aerospace Conference, a key one being from where the company expects to secure its major capital commitments.

With a 49% foreign ownership exemption in hand, management has attracted interest from “significant airline investors”. JET is pursuing major European and U.S. investors because of their familiarity with successful Ultra-Low-Cost Airlines. The company is running a data room, which contains a highly detailed business plan with supporting documents that are available for review by qualified funders.

During a one-on-one discussion and Q & A with Scotiabank’s Transportation Analyst Turan Quettawala, Mr. Gadek covered a number of topics, including Westjet’s planned 2018 launch of Swoop.

The discussion is available at the following link:

Following the conference, the Canadian Press released the below story under the headline: Canada Jetlines targeting June 1 launch with foreign capital support.

QYOU Media (TSXV: QYOU) – The World Is Watching

Investors frequently tend to only focus on business and financial news as it relates to emerging companies keeping an eye on their investments.

QYOU Media had four significant news releases in the month of October as it shared growth in new global markets as well as announcing the milestone reach of 100 million people.

  • QYOU launches first localized channel in Poland with Mediakraft
  • QYOU set to launch daily esports TV and multiplatform series with Super Channel
  • QYOU strikes again in Portugal with NOWO
  • QYOU Achieves 100 Million Reach Milestone

QYOU Management shared that the reach of these four announcements went far beyond the normal channels of a news release and the summary below has links to 49 additional pieces of coverage across the globe in the month of October.

Click to view summary


BTV Video Features Canada Jetlines (TSXV: JET) and its “A-List” Board of Directors

Host Taylor Thoen and BTV – Business Television have produced a video feature which will be broadcast this coming weekend, November 4th and 5th, on BNN – Business News Network.

The seven-minute video highlights Canada Jetlines and its rollout strategy with plans to finally give Canadians a ULCC (Ultra-Low-Cost Carrier) option for inexpensive fares domestically, into the United States and southern sun destinations.

In the piece, Jetlines CEO Stan Gadek describes his hard-working team as “some of the most experienced ULCC executives in the world and we absolutely have the A-list on our board.”

The video features interviews and comments led by Executive Chairman Mark Morabito along with Independent Directors Jason Grant, John Stephenson and Saad Hammad.

View the BTV video below or click here.


QYOU Media Secures Bought Deal Financing And Clarus Tech Analyst Calls For “Lots of Catalysts In Second Half”

QYOU Media is adding fuel to its growth engine with this morning’s (October 31) news that it secured a Bought Deal with Clarus Securities that will see the investment firm purchase 13.5 million units for gross proceeds of just over $5 million. The unit is comprised of a common share and a half warrant with each warrant good for 24 months and exercisable at $0.55. There is also an over-allotment provision where an additional two million units could be taken up by Clarus, which would see gross proceeds rise to $5.7 million.

The added bonus with this news is that there has been some “street expectation” that the company would raise additional growth capital, which tends to keep a lot of potential buyers out of the market. Quite simply, once the street knows a company has the funds it requires for the future, people are more comfortable investing in the organization.

This bought deal follows two recent updates from Clarus Technology Analyst Joseph MacKay, who is calling for near-term robust growth.

In addition to his review of Q4/Fiscal 2017 (June 30) results, which saw revenues climb to $1.33 million or 322% over Q4/F2016, Mr. MacKay provided his perspective on the second half of calendar 2017.

He’s looking for the quarter ended September 30th to jump to $2.3 million and the December 31st quarter end at $2.9 million. On a calendar basis, he remains committed to revenues of $7.5 million for 2017 and $15.4 million in 2018. His price target is $1.10 per share.

Source: QYOU, Clarus Securities

He also provided comment on last week’s announcement that come January 2018, QYOU is launching a dedicated sports program with Super Channel’s GINX eSports TV Canada. Following the announcement on Heads Up Daily (HUD), management held an investor conference call where it was stated that the company expects revenues of $3 to $5 million just in 2018 from this new program.

Mr. MacKay wrote that management “believes that international revenue in 2019 could reach 4-5x 2018 levels. The mid-point of management’s eSports guidance represents 26% of our 2018 revenue forecast, while a 4-5x increase in 2019 would represent 64%-80% of our 2019 revenue estimate”.

The analyst is forecasting $25 million in revenues for 2019 and this was before the HUD deal was sealed.

It was also reiterated that 70% to 80% of annual revenues are recurring.

To view today’s news release, please click here.


QYOU Media’s New International Contracts Prompt Comments From Clarus Analyst


Since Clarus Securities Technology Analyst Joseph MacKay called for a $1.10 target price on QYOU media in his September initiation coverage, QYOU Media has released news on three international deals, which expand its global reach for its unique programming.

In an updated report released earlier today (October 18), Mr. MacKay discusses QYOU’s  extended international reach due to these new contracts and confirms his Target Price of $1.10.  This would equate to a 189% potential return based on this morning’s $0.38 stock price.

First, there was news of a New focus in India on Sept 13th, then Further Expansion in Portugal with NOWO TV Service on October 10th, and on October 17th, news of Launching QYOU’s First Fully Localized Channel in Poland.   

QYOU’s Best-of-the-Web” short form content for multi screens now reach more than 100 million consumers over six continents. The target audiences are millennials and Gen-Z.

Mr. MacKay has estimated 2017 revenue of  $7.5 million followed by estimated 2018 revenue of $15.4 million and positive EBITDA of  $4.9 million. Details on his first report can be seen here.

“QYOU’s Profitability Is Right Around The Corner”

Pending profitability, recurring revenues, and being THE world leader in short-form video content were the points tabled by QYOU Media’s Chairman G. Scott Paterson in a just released interview with Capital Ideas Media publisher, Mark Bunting.

Mr. Bunting bills the interview as “talking to the charismatic, irrepressible and high-energy Scott Paterson, one of Bay Street’s most prolific dealmakers and the Chairman of QYOU Media. Find out how this company is creating a new MTV by packaging web videos for broadcasters and targeting the millennial market.”

In the writer’s view, Mr. Bunting mentioned MTV, as the founders of that very successful company (and groundbreaking for its time) are the founders of QYOU Media.

In addition to the discussion about the rapid pace of revenue growth, Mr. Paterson makes the following key points, as well as the investment thesis for why people should seriously entertain becoming shareholders.

  • Viewership of short-form video “dwarfs” television viewing
  • Growth of mobile video exceeds cannabis sales at nearly 50% per year
  • QYOU Media partners with “major media conglomerates” such as Sinclair Broadcasting
  • 70% – 80% of QYOU Media revenue is recurring partly due to fees
  • QYOU Media recently launched with Lufthansa Airlines and Buffalo Wild Wings
  • QYOU Media has partnerships with Vodafone, Liberty Sky, Tata and others

Mr. Paterson’s interview is the first segment in the program.

Below is the Financial Model referenced during the interview that illustrates management’s thinking on growth in 2017 and 2018.

As a reminder, Clarus Securities Technology Analyst Joseph MacKay has a $1.10 Target Price on QYOU.  For more information on the Clarus report, please click here. 

On the heels of recently announcing that the company’s premium ‘best-of-web’ video for multiscreen distribution for its programs and linear channels now reaches an addressable audience of more than 100 million consumers across six continents, QYOU added to those numbers today (October 10th) with more news titled, QYOU strikes again in Portugal with NOWO.

Here are some key highlights from today’s news release:

  • QYOU Media’s linear channel will bring best-of-web video content to almost a million additional homes through NOWO TV service.
  • The agreement sees further expansion of the QYOU channel reach across Western Europe.

To read the news release, please click here.

Canada Jetlines (TSXV: JET) – “Fair Value” Is Ten Times Current Stock Price – Fundamental Research

The twenty-one page Fundamental Research report places “Fair Value” of $3.03 on Canada Jetlines’ stock, which is ten times the current trading price in the $0.30 range. While the report looks well into the future with forecast revenue and cash flow growth out to 2025 for Canada’s first Ultra Low Cost Carrier (ULCC), for purposes of this discussion we’ll focus on the Fundamental Research outlook for 2018 and 2019.

As the first two Boeing 737 – 800 NG aircraft are slated to be in the air as of next June, with the fleet growing to six by the end of 2018, we’ll look at the year operations kick off and the full year following start-up.

Fundamental is calling for Canada Jetlines to transport just over 240 thousand passengers in 2018 with revenues of almost $36 million, growing to close to a million passengers in 2019 and revenues of $143 million. Its assumptions call for a base fare of $115 per ticket and ancillary (baggage, food, etc.) revenues of $34 per passenger. It sees EBIT (Earnings Before Interest Taxes) of $4.4 million in 2018 and $18.9 million in 2019. The company currently has 57.6 million shares issued and 94.6 million fully diluted.

Fundamental has listed the following risks:

  • The company is in early stages and has yet to commence operations
  • The existing Air Canada / WestJet duopoly dominates the Canadian aviation market
  • Our valuation is dependent on a 2018 launch. Delays or other changes to the operational timeline could significantly impact our valuation.
  • Access to capital and share dilution

The report looks at the success of ULCC operations in the United States for comparative purposes and a window on the future for Canada Jetlines, which is looking at costs 30% lower than the main Canadian competition.

Source: Fundamental Research – Data gathered from S&P Capital IQ

“ULCCs exhibit significantly higher margins, due to their lower costs. Furthermore, ULCC airlines also appear to be significantly more liquid and solvent than the broader market. Perhaps most important for investors is that ULCCs generate a considerably higher return than the industry average. The ULCC business model has been successful south of the border, but that same success has not yet found its way to Canada.

The competition posed by the existence of multiple ULCCs in the U.S. is noticeably absent; it is estimated that the two largest airlines in Canada control approximately 92% of the domestic aviation market, as measured by available seat miles (ASM). What little is left is held by smaller niche airlines like Porter Airlines and Air Inuit (regional airlines that service Northern Canada), where lack of dense population centers warrants less air traffic and attention from the two major Canadian carriers.”

A major question that the market has, in terms of assessing future valuations and potential returns, is the amount of possible dilution that shareholders could face, as Canada Jetlines will require a significant amount of “start-up” cash to meet the requirements of Transport Canada.

In speaking with management, it was made clear to us that all efforts are directed to securing the bulk of the required capital with a debt instrument and a portion through an equity raise to minimize dilution. The team expects to have these details finalized over the next few months.

Fundamental looked at the valuation impact as it rubbed the crystal ball on potential future dilution.

Source: Fundamental Research

It is well known that WestJet has announced its intent to launch a ULCC. On that point, Fundamental writes:

“Established air carrier WestJet is also gearing up to introduce the ULCC model. Initially aiming for a late 2017 release, WestJet has pushed back their anticipated launch date to summer 2018 (similar to Jetlines), and plans to unveil a 10 plane fleet. This poses a threat to Canada Jetlines, as a ULCC launched under the WestJet umbrella will have access to an established network of resources. However, a recent vote by WestJet pilots to unionize could jeopardize WestJet’s ability to charge ULCC air fares. This is due to common employer status regulations that transfer employment agreements to subsidiaries of parent companies.”

We encourage everyone to read the entire report, which is available by clicking here.

As a closing note, Fundamental’s Disclaimer in part contains the following:

“The analyst and Fundamental Research Corp. “FRC” does not own any shares of the subject company, does not make a market or offer shares for sale of the subject company, and does not have any investment banking business with the subject company. Fees were paid by JET to FRC. The purpose of the fee is to subsidize the high costs of research and monitoring. FRC takes steps to ensure independence including setting fees in advance and utilizing analysts who must abide by CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct. Additionally, analysts may not trade in any security under coverage.

QYOU Media Is A BUY – Clarus Securities Research – Target Price 170% Above Current Market

Joseph MacKay who is the Technology Analyst for Clarus Securities has just initiated coverage on QYOU Media with a $1.10 Target Price, calling it Undervalued; “QYOU is trading at 4.4x and 1.8x 2018E and 2019E EV/EBITDA in a sector that typically trades at 8.0x-12.0x. We believe that as revenue ramps in 2H17 and as the company becomes EBITDA positive in Q1/18, this valuation discrepancy will disappear.”

As of this writing, the stock was trading in the $0.40 range with Clarus accounting for approximately 40% of the volume of close to 400 thousand shares.

QYOU Media, which is lead by the team that steered MTV, Atlantic Records and Lionsgate Digital to great success, has already created over 5,000 hours of original programming with its “Best-of-the-Web” video content for multiscreen distribution that targets the millennial and Gen-Z market through global content providers on any device. Its programming is now aired in more than 30 countries.

QYOU has proprietary technology that underpins its ability to identify premium “best-of-the-web” content.

Mr. Mackay commented that the low valuation comes from a lack of investor knowledge as QYOU is new to the market as it only began trading in March of this year with the completion of a Reverse Take-Over and it has a short history of publicly reporting financial results.

Below are the analyst’s forecasts through 2019, which call for more than a doubling of revenues in 2018 compared to this year and a healthy jump to more than $25 million in 2019. Mr. MacKay’s statement that the company is slated to become EBITDA positive in Q1/2018 also reflects management’s public position.

Mr. MacKay notes QYOU’s marquee customers, which speaks to the quality and attractiveness of the programming. He noted a few major names; “QYOU provides content to Sinclair’s TV station, “TBD”, which will be available over-the-air in 81 U.S. markets by the end of 2017. With Tata Sky, QYOU is providing content to 17M connections while with Ericsson, QYOU’s content has been added to Ericsson’s new delivery platform which is being rolled out to over 40 service providers”.

The market tends to embrace companies with a strong recurring revenue stream. QYOU is now at the front end of that growth, which prompted the comment from the analyst that, “With the typical contract 2-4 years in length, 70-80% of QYOU’s revenue is recurring on an annual basis. Based on our forecast, QYOU will be EBITDA positive in Q1/18 and will generate $4.9MM in EBITDA in 2018 up from negative $2.7MM in 2017”.

To view QYOU’s latest investor presentation and other related material, please visit: https://howardgroupinc.com/qyou-media/

Cormark Analyst – Canada Jetlines “Could Prove a Profit Challenge to Incumbents”

Yesterday (September 11, 2017) was a busy and fruitful day for Canada Jetlines’ senior management and board of directors. The entire team assembled in Toronto and hosted its first news conference. Click here to view the news conference.

The team also met with investment advisors and Transportation Analysts, one of them being David Tyerman from Cormark Securities. He used the opportunity to feature Canada Jetlines in his team’s “Morning Meeting Notes.”

In the piece titled “Air Transport – Jetlines ULCC Announces Launch Program”, he makes the case that Canada Jetlines “could prove to be a profit challenge to incumbents.” Specifically using the United States’ Ultra Low Cost Carrier (ULCC) market as an example, “We are seeing this in the current U.S. airline price war, which was sparked by incumbent, United Continental, trying to fend off ULCC, Spirit. JET’s announcements may suggest future similar challenges in Canada.

Although, Canada Jetlines is just under a year from having planes in the air. Mr. Tyerman states, “We remain constructive on Air Canada (AC), WestJet (WJA) and Transat (TRZ) from a recommendation standpoint in the short term due to current positive market dynamics (reasonably rational competition) and the CAD tailwind and for AC, benefits from internalization of its loyalty program (probably in the 2022 timeframe). But longer term, risks are brewing from potential ULCC competition, WJA’s long-haul expansion, potential international long-haul ULCC competition and possibly from reduced competitiveness against international carriers.

Here is an excerpt from the Cormark report on how Canada Jetlines is positioning itself against West Jet, Air Canada and other Ultra Low Cost Carriers.

Yesterday’s news conference resulted in a number of media outlets featuring the company, below is a select list of articles including links.

September 11, 2017 – BNN
Canada Jetlines CEO outlines plan for summer 2018 ultra-low-cost carrier launch

September 11, 2017 – Financial Post
Canada Jetlines promises base fares below $100 out of Hamilton and Waterloo

September 11, 2017 – Global News
Canada Jetlines to offer low-cost flights from Hamilton and Waterloo

September 11, 2017 – CBC
‘A rebellion against high fares’: New low cost airline launching in Hamilton

September 11, 2017 – The Globe and Mail
Startup Canada Jetlines plans to offer base fares below $100, CEO says

September 11, 2017 – SKIES
Canada Jetlines launches low-fare ‘rebellion’