Insiders Buying Canada Jetlines (TSXV: JET)

New Jetlines CEO Stan Gadek has been buying JET in the $0.20 range and so far has accumulated 500,000 shares since his first transaction the week of July 11/17.

Chairman Mark Morabito had purchased an additional 246,000 shares in June at an average cost of $0.21.

Two other directors of the Company have also been in the market purchasing JET since early this month and accumulated 50,000 shares between them.

QYOU’s CEO Curt Marvis Interviewed – “Our Market Is Truly Global”

“Anyone Who Is Displaying And Distributing Content To A Screen Worldwide Is Potentially A Customer For Us” – Curt Marvis, CEO of QYOU

Mr. Marvis recently sat down with Lawrence Harte who has interviewed over 3800 tech and business leaders with his podcast being carried on Internet TV Plus. The 30-minute interview covered much of QYOU’s business offering including:

  • What is a Short Video TV Channel?
  • Why are Short Video TV Channels important?
  • Who needs a Short Video TV Channel solution?
  • How do you create a Short Video TV Channel?
  • What changes are needed to implement Short Video TV Channels?
  • How long does it take to setup a Short Video TV Channel solution?
  • What services and/or equipment are needed to provide Short Video TV Channels?
  • Are there other benefits to branded Short Video TV Channel Solutions?
  • Any special training required for operators or users?
  • Will Short Video TV Channels work with most systems?
  • Are there industry standards for Short Video TV Channels?

To listen to the interview, click below or go to:


WINGS Magazine Names FLYHT VP Operations In 20 Under 40 List

The collective FLYHT team would like to congratulate Mat Plamondon, FLYHT’s 38 year old Vice President of Operations and Customer Fulfillment for being recognized in WINGS Magazine’s, 20 under 40 list for 2017.

The article refers to Mat as “a ‘high potential’ executive on the rise.” His role at FLYHT has him overseeing international operations. Acknowledging that “he does it with determination and verve, showing a commitment to excellence that is truly infectious.

The article states, “Plamondon brings more than 18 years of experience to his role and works hard to ensure his customers get maximum value from the products FLYHT creates. He joined the FLYHT team because he maintains that real-time data that the Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRS™) offers can increase efficiencies and safety throughout the industry.

About WINGS Magazine
WINGS Magazine is Canada’s only premiere national aviation magazine, providing comprehensive coverage of commercial, corporate, general and military aviation in Canada and around the world.

Wings Magazine is behind many of Canada’s leading aviation initiatives, such as the Careers in Aviation guide and expos, the annual FBO Survey, MRO Directory, Industry Roundtable, CBAA show guide and directory, and more.

To view the article, please click here. Mat is featured on page 27.

QYOU Media Management Update and Discussion Call Now Available

Recent News and Financial Outlook Discussion


The market has been responding very positively to yesterday’s (June 27th) “news filled” management update call with the stock climbing above $0.50 on more than two million shares as of this writing. 

Chairman G. Scott Paterson and CEO Curt Marvis hosted the company’s first investor call, with  Mr. Paterson commenting that the board is encouraged more than it ever has been with QYOU’s business. He believes the stock is grossly undervalued based on recent accomplishments, and especially so in light of yesterday’s news on the expansion of the relationship with Tata Sky.

Understandably, he’s happy to see the market’s positive reaction and stated, “there is lots more planned on the investor relations front.”

To view Tata Sky news release, click here.

CEO Curt Marvis started his discussion about the roll out and early success of QYOU’s partnership broadcasting its specialty programming through Tata Sky in India.  Although they had just started broadcasting QYOU programming in December 2016, significant uptake in viewership resulted in approval for Tata Sky to broadcast QYOU’s 24/7 service of online content to 17 million devices.

Mr. Marvis discussed the success of its ongoing relationship with Sinclair Broadcast Group and its TBD Network, which is currently available on a free-to-air basis in the U.S. to nearly 40 million homes, hopefully growing that to over 70 million this year.

Mr. Marvis also discussed the significant revenue growth QYOU has achieved this year and mentioned he is comfortable projecting 3x growth over 2016 towards ~$7 million in revenue this year.  A large percentage of 2017’s revenue will carry into 2018, where he can see another 2-3x growth again to between $15 and $21 million.  2018 will see positive EBITDA margins as well.

The recent financial guidance can be viewed in the new investor presentation that is now available by clicking here.

Listen to the Management call below or click here.

Trakopolis and Honeywell’s ConneXt Lone Worker Featured on EHSToday

The recently launched, fully connected portable gas detector,  ConneXt Lone Worker, co-developed by Trakopolis and Honeywell was featured in an article on titled, “No Worker Left Behind: Protecting Lone Workers in the Oil and Gas Industry“.

In early May the two companies announced their first deal valued at $4.8 million (USD) for 1,500 Units that pairs TRAK’s software technology with Honeywell’s wearable gas detector.

In the piece, the co-authors Ken Schmidt, VP/General Manager of Honeywell Industrial Safety, and Brent Moore, CEO of Trakopolis, describe the key value added features that the ConneXt Lone Worker product provides compared to legacy, unconnected portable gas detector products.

Some of those features include:

  • Managers can “click” into the status of a remote worker to review gas readings, emergency safety alerts and more.
  • Alarm notifications are automatically sent to managers and necessary safety personnel.
  • Man-down alerts warn managers when a remote worker stops moving. A manual panic button is available to the worker to signal personal emergencies.
  • Managers can send and receive text messages with workers.
  • Check-in and check-out status and shift messages are automatic.
  • GPS tracking enables managers to pinpoint both worker and vehicle locations.

About EHSToday
EHS Today is the leading voice for environment, health and safety information, driving a dialogue for our readers – who are EHS directors and VPs, risk managers, safety professionals, occupational health professionals, industrial hygienists and environmental managers – about safety leadership, risk management, occupational safety, industrial hygiene, sustainability, employee health and wellness, productivity, environmental management, corporate responsibility and business continuity and how it all is interrelated. EHS Today provides comprehensive coverage of these topics, with an emphasis on building world-class safety management systems and inspiring transformational safety leadership.

EHS Today’s total monthly audience is 449,000 professionals.

To view the full article please click here.

Trakopolis: Honeywell VP Discusses The Future Of Wearable, Connected Devices In The Workplace

In an article in Health & Safety Matters online magazine titled, “Is the future already here?”, Cleo Cabuz, Vice President of Engineering at Honeywell Industrial Safety, describes the inevitable shift to wearable and connected technology in the workplace. In the article, he states that the trend towards wearables is starting to make an impact in industrial sectors.  

Without naming the recently launched Connext Loneworker device co-developed by Honeywell and Trakopolis, he describes the benefits of connected, portable, wearable gas detectors. Here’s what he says.

“There are many different ways in which the latest wearable technology can help employers raise safety standards while tackling occupational diseases. Portable, wearable gas detectors are the most popular technology of this kind, with some of the latest models able to operate continuously for two years without the need to change sensors or charge batteries. Combining wireless portable gas detectors with location data and software allows safety managers to remotely monitor worker exposure to toxic gases, oxygen deficiency, flammable gases, particles, radiation and other hazards instantly, and over time.”

Of interest, at the end of the article Mr. Cabuz provides insight into how Honeywell views the market potential of connected devices in the workplace. He says, “Honeywell expects the use of wearable technology will grow dramatically in the coming years, to a point where it will become inconceivable that a worker does not use it. The personal protective equipment  industry – presently a $27 billion market – is due to expand as vast emerging markets such as China and India start to enforce stricter health and safety regulations. At the same time, many multinational companies opening new facilities in such regions are implementing the same safety strategies they would implement in their countries of origin, thus driving health and safety standards up. Wearable, connected technology has an important role to play in this fundamental shift to a safer and more productive work environment.”

On April 11th, Trakopolis and Honeywell announced that it was expanding its exclusive “IoT” partnership. The two companies agreed to expand their joint sales and marketing efforts globally and collaborate on utilizing Trakopolis’ IoT platform on other Honeywell products. Click here to see the news release.  

Also on May 4th, Trakopolis and Honeywell announced the first major purchase agreement with a large U.S. based oil and gas company for a minimum of 1,500 units of the ConneXt Lone Worker gas detection solution, powered by Trakopolis.  Click here to see the news release.  

With Honeywell being the largest supplier of enterprise gas detectors in the world and the worldwide market being around 300,000 units, Trakopolis and Honeywell are well positioned to be the dominant player in the global connected gas detection market.

To view the full article, please click here.

Canada Jetlines – Wheels Up In 2018


Although the new CEO of Canada Jetlines (TSXV:JET) has only been in the Captain’s seat for one day, his role in leading what will be Canada’s first ULCC (Ultra Low Cost Carrier) has caught the quick attention of the media and press.

Stan Gadek, who is also a director of JET, has a very successful career in the aviation industry south of the border including a major turnaround (Sun Country) as well as Senior VP Finance with NYSE listed AirTrans, which was sold to Southwest for $1.3 billion in cash and stock.

As was noted in a March 2013 article in Minnesota newspaper the StarTribune: “Gadek, who ran the airline for nearly five years, took over as CEO in 2008 just as it was tail-spinning into bankruptcy. Gadek is credited with turning Sun Country into a solid money ­making operation within two years of his arrival.”

Mr. Gadek was a guest on BNN’s The Business News with Michael Hainsworth today where he noted that JET will take to the skies in 2018.

In the interview, Michael Hainsworth stated that Jetlines was 65% foreign owned and 35% domestically owned. By way of correction, here are the actual numbers as of March 31, 2017:

Canada:                49,941,715 shares –  5,039 shareholders – 86.6%
US:                          4,101,499 shares –  3,513 shareholders  – 7.2%
Foreign:                   3,593,195 shares –      69 shareholders  –  6.2%

Source – Computershare Investor Services Inc., Broadridge Canada and Broadridge US.

Interview highlights include:

  • ULCC’s have been very successful in markets that have high airfares and Canada’s fares are 16th highest in the world.
  • Jetlines will have the lowest costs in the industry and will offer fares at a significantly lower price point than the incumbent carriers thus stimulating demand and driving profitability.
  • Lower costs start with productivity.

To watch the BNN interview, please click here.


Alex Ruus Discusses FLYHT On BNN – “We Think It’s Quite Undervalued Here”

Late yesterday, long-time supporter and shareholder Alex Ruus, Portfolio Manager at Arrow Capital Management, was upbeat in his response to a question on FLYHT Aerospace while appearing on Canada’s Business News Network (BNN).

Mr. Ruus closed the segment by stating, “It’s taken a while to develop the market, but it’s now turned profitable in the last year. We think the stock’s actually quite undervalued here, and if you bought it today I think if you look 12 to 24 months out, you’ll be very, very happy owning this stock.”

To watch the full segment, please click here.

LAFARGE and CEMATRIX Demo Day a Huge Success

A joint LAFARGE/CEMATRIX demo day was held at the LAFARGE Caledon Aggregate facility in Caledon, Ontario on April 27th, 2017.

Over 120 engineers from provincial and regional municipalities and cities, transportation consulting engineering firms from Southern Ontario, including the GTA, as well as some local shareholders attended a special BBQ luncheon.

CEMATRIX demonstrated the production and placement of cellular concrete behind MSE retaining walls, culvert backfill and culvert relines, as well as road base insulation and support.

Positive feedback has been received from many participants including a couple of long-term shareholders that had never actually seen the product used up close. CEMATRIX management noted that investors were impressed with the discussions around prospective future engineering customers and the numerous applications for CEMATRIX and its cellular concrete solutions.

CEMATRIX Wet Mix Unit – up to 75 cu. m. per hr.

MSE Lightweight Backfill – large volume projects.

Attendees witnessing the backfill of an abandoned culvert. Complete MSE panel pour in picture foreground.

Cellular Concrete makes the re-line of culverts of all diameters and lengths easy.


Trakopolis Is Accelerating Its Growth – How Does It Stack Up?

With yesterday’s (May 3rd) news that Honeywell and Trakopolis have closed their first major enterprise sale of the ConneXt Lone Worker, future growth indicators are starting to line up, which is beneficial to any investor thinking about what company to buy in a particular sector. The new four year-year deal is worth a minimum of $4.79 million (USD) and carries a tidy recurring revenue stream for TRAK. While those numbers are important, it’s not be to missed that this was the first material deal with its partner, Honeywell, which is THE global leader in this area.

To summarize:
Based on recently reported financial results from various companies in the IoT (Internet of Things) space, we constructed a comparable chart to see how Trakopolis stacks up against its peers on the TSX Venture exchange.

TrackX BeWhere Blackline Trakopolis
Stock Price $0.44 $0.26 $3.55 $1.14
Shares Outstanding 55.6 million 50.2 million 28.8 million 23 million
Market Cap $24.5 million $13 million $102.2 million $26.6 million

(Trailing based on last reported quarter)
$6.5 million $351,000 $10 million $5.8 million
Multiple of revenue 3.8 X Revenue 37 X Revenue 10.2 X Revenue 4.5 X Revenue
Profitability No No No No
Cash On Hand $1.4 million $1.8 million $1.4 million $3.2 million
Major Distributing Partner Unnamed partners Small resellers Small resellers Honeywell just starting

As you can see, revenue multiples vary widely, which suggests investors have different expectations about future growth potential. However, apples to apples, Trakopolis has a tighter share structure, one of the lowest revenue multiples and has the most cash on hand amongst the peer group. These facts in combination with Trakopolis’ news on the first Honeywell deal as well as the company’s fundamental results suggest that Trakopolis is well positioned and should stand out amongst its peers.

TRAK has only been trading since last November.

Trakopolis Announces Multi-Million Dollar Sale Of Honeywell’s ConneXt Lone Worker

Trakopolis announced this afternoon that that it has received a significant purchase order from a major U.S. based energy company for 1,500 units of its co-created product the Honeywell ConneXt Lone Worker gas detector.

Trakopolis’ industry leading software will deliver this solution as “software as a service” and thus each unit will carry a monthly recurring data fee for the contracted four-year period. The minimum total contract value is expected to be USD$4.79 Million, with an estimated USD$2.82 Million (inclusive of hardware revenue) expected in fiscal 2017.

With this announcement investors can now start to model what capturing even a small percentage of the gas detector market would mean to TRAK. Fifteen hundred units represents only 1% of the North American market and just last week, TRAK and Honeywell announced that they are expanding their sales efforts worldwide. See news release here.

When asked, management acknowledged that this sale came with some first customer discounts and made clear that there is a significant pipeline building for the company. This is understandable considering Honeywell is the largest manufacturer and supplier of industrial gas detectors in the world.

The revenue impact of this deal provides clear visibility into the achievement of TRAK management’s stated revenue milestones, which according to the company’s corporate presentation is a $10 million run rate by Q4 2017.

Of note, the “large US-based oil and gas company” that made this initial order reserved an option to order an additional 1,000 units, on the same terms, during the first 18 months of the term.

To view the full news release, please click here.

Bob McWhirter Lays Out (Some) Opportunities For FLYHT On BNN

Yesterday on Canada’s Business News Network, Selective Asset Management’s Bob McWhirter took a question from a caller on FLYHT Aerospace.  As a long-time follower and investor in FLYHT he made the following key points:

  •  “They just announced a new contract with a Chinese airline. China really is the key for the company, because China is building out a massive increase in their fleets and actual airports.”
  • “The real key at the moment is the device by FLYHT is added as an option on the Airbus line, which is one of the large airframe makers.”
  • “There is speculation that Boeing would end up doing the same. The question becomes if Boeing were to do that, then it would be quite significant.”
  • “So, they have two pieces of the puzzle at the moment. One is will Boeing end up certifying and offering their clients and customers, the ability to end up like Airbus, having installed as an option initially, as well as can they end up getting further penetration in China.”

To view full segment, go to:

QYOU CEO Presents At New York MicroCap Conference

Curt Marvis, CEO of QYOU Media Inc., presented the newly trading company to buy-side investors through a series of one-on-one meetings followed by a formal presentation to attendees at the annual MicroCap Conference in New York City.

Mr. Marvis delivers a compelling 23-minute presentation summarizing QYOU and its global opportunity of curating, programming and packaging premium short form web video.

To access the presentation, please click here.

Curt Marvis presenting at The MicroCap Conference on April 4, 2017


Trakopolis And Honeywell Expand Partnership To Tackle The World

This morning Trakopolis and Honeywell announced a renewal of their exclusive agreement, whereby the two companies will expand their joint sales and marketing efforts globally. Initial market research indicated a total addressable market in North America of approximately 150,000 units, the expansion to a global market clearly expands the total opportunity. The overall hardware and recurring revenue potential of this one product, the ConneXt Loneworker, is hundreds of millions of dollars.

Bottom line, Honeywell Analytics is the largest manufacturer and distributor of gas detectors in the world. Trakopolis’ IoT platform has enabled them to offer the market a new and unique, next generation product.

Also of note, the news release outlines a collaboration on utilizing the Trakopolis IoT Platform with other Honeywell connected safety products.  Management is pleased with the potential for furthering the revenue opportunities in the future.

To view today’s news release, please click here.

FLYHT’s 2016 Year End Conference Call Now Available Online


This morning, FLYHT CEO Tom Schmutz and CFO Nola Heale hosted the company’s 2016 year end conference call. The key takeaways from the year end numbers are that the company has, in the fourth quarter, registered its third profitable quarter in a row and the year over year revenue growth was very strong at 37%.

Here are some of the highlights from Tom Schmutz on the conference call:

  • “We accomplished nearly all the goals for the year, we signed significant sales contracts and grew our backlog and we retired a significant amount of debt.”
  • “There is significant excitement within the Company resulting from our continually improving revenue performance, our maturing processes within the company, the sales wins we have been announcing and the remaining potential within the sales funnel.”
  • “The resulting $14.3M annual revenue for 2016 was also a record; it was 37% better than 2015 which had been the Company’s previous best year.”
  • “The exciting growth areas for FLYHT remained our OEM contract to forward fit and retrofit Airbus A320 and A330 with Satcom equipment and our direct sales into China.”
  • “FLYHT announced approximately $9M in new contract sales in China in 2016. We continue to spend a great deal of energy in this market and will continue to do so over the coming years.”
  • “We have developed a significant backlog of sales in China and this will be core to our future growth…”
  • “Our STC creation continues to be a market differentiator for FLYHT. This is a real barrier to entry for potential competition and we keep an excellent accounting on our web site for customers to quickly review and understand where we are in the process of achieving installation approvals. Right now, we can install on 95% of the aircraft used for commercial air transport.”
  • “Our FLYHT Plan for 2017 includes growing overall and monthly recurring revenue by at least 25% and remaining EBITDA positive for the year.”
  • “We also want to continue to diversify the customer base, so we target contracts in Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East in 2017.”
  • “We will continue our efforts to secure business with a new OEM position. Finally, we will continue to grow public value through strategic business initiatives, including increasing the share price and growing our working capital.”
  • “This year, 2017, has started very strong on the sales front. Please understand I am now discussing sales and not revenues. FLYHT has made several announcements in the first quarter of this year and I want to place them into context relative to last year. Last year, 2016, we had a fantastic year for AFIRS hardware unit sales contracts, booking $10.6M and exceeding our budgeted goals for sales booked. This first quarter, FLYHT has already announced $5.7M in AFIRS hardware bookings, or more than half of last year. Also, we announced sales of $2M through the Parts OEM channel in this first quarter. This total compares very favorably with 2016 where total sales in this channel was $5.4M. Much of the Parts sale will become first quarter revenue for 2017. The AFIRS sales booked in the first quarter will add to our backlog and start adding to our revenues within this year. We continue to pursue an exciting sales funnel, so I am hopeful that FLYHT will be able to release more sales news as we proceed through this year.”

Listen to the conference call in its entirety below or click here.