“Think of our per month contribution margin to overhead of $150 to $250 thousand (USD) per passenger aircraft and cargo is between $400 and $600 thousand (USD) per tail, per month”.  

This was just one part of the Q & A on the topic of the company’s low market cap of under $35 million versus its growth profile following GlobalX’s CFO/EVP Ryan Goepel’s presentation at the recent MicroCap Leadership Summit in Chicago. The invite only event presented an admittedly “unique” opportunity compared to the type of companies that the specialized group would normally see as it explores “finding great companies” at the early stage.

Global Crossing Airlines is forecasting fleet growth to 10 passenger and 10 cargo by year end 2023, up from 9 passenger and 2 cargo by the end of this year.

Mr. Goepel’s formal presentation is about 10 minutes long allowing for 20 minutes Q&A by those in attendance.

Topics covered include:

  • Fleet growth including introduction of both cargo aircraft this year and electric aircraft in the future.
  • Its significant momentum underpinned by key recent accomplishments
  • GlobalX’s unique & differentiated business model.
  • Its strong client base both long and short term contracts and the growth of charter travel.
  • Common operating platform between charter and cargo, shared assets to maximize efficiency.  Growth to 50 aircraft by 2025.
  • The massive cargo opportunity with the larger A321 freighters joining the fleet.
  • Forecast of $90 million USD in revenue for 2022 with an average of only 6.5 aircraft over a 12 month period.

A video capture of the presentation can be viewed here

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