One could almost imagine the halls of Clarus and Cormark Securities and P.I. Financial ringing with, “do I hear $10 million, how about $12, I’m bidding $16 and SOLD at $18.4 million” based on last week’s highly successful overnight (June 9) financing for Thesis Gold.

Thesis was originally seeking $10 million but it’s always better to have a full treasury. We understand that there were many more dollars being offered over and above the close on $18.4 million.  

The old phrase of “this speaks volumes” is quite apropos to sum up how the “street” regards the company’s potential as it readies the drill rigs for an aggressive 2021 drill program on the highly prospective Ranch Gold Project in British Columbia’s, Golden Horseshoe.

Grant Howard, President of The Howard Group covers a lot of ground (pun intended) in a two part interview with Thesis CEO Ewan Webster with topics ranging from the quality team, this year’s work program and how it could move the company closer to the “eureka moment”.

In part one, we discuss the make-up of the team and how the collective talent is singularly focused on delivering a major win for shareholders and the “special” and “unique” features of the ground that encompasses the Ranch Gold Project 

In part two, the conversation drills into how Ewan and the team are maximizing the odds of  reaching the objective of proving up at least two million ounces of gold; the initial twenty high potential near surface targets, bonanza grades, and what could be the “exit” plan.

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