Management was clearly being conservative with the reaffirmation of  its base case 2023 forecast of $140 million (USD) and positive EBITDA in the May 10th webinar. The number is based on 9 passenger charter and 2 cargo aircraft in operation even though the target is 12 passenger and 6 cargo aircraft by year end.

GlobalX reported Q1/2023 revenues that came in at $32.2 million USD.

As is the norm in GlobalX webinars, CEO Ed Wegel and CFO Ryan Goepel provided a significant amount of detail on what was accomplished in a relatively short period of time and the company’s positioning for the short and long-term future.

“We have built a sustainable, profitable platform that can continue to grow and we have put all of the building blocks in place, certifications, aircraft, people and infrastructure. We take a long-term view of this business and we’re creating long-term value for our shareholders” (Ed Wegel).

Below is a chart, which tracks quarterly revenue and flight block hours since operations started with two aircraft in August, 2021.

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