Cormark Securities, which has a $2 Target on Thesis stock (current $0.60), was succinct in its Morning Note that Thesis is a BUY as its per ounce in ground value isn’t anywhere close to the peer group.

Thesis shares remain extremely undervalued at just $17/oz (vs. $85/oz for advance-stage developers), and we believe the current level is an excellent opportunity to accumulate this attractively priced explorer ahead of de-risking and value accretive catalysts over the next 12 months.

Cormark was providing an update and comments on the latest drilling news that “Prior to 2023, limited drilling had outlined mineralization at the JK Zone along a 60 m mineralized trend. This trend has now been proven continuous along 230 m of strike, and remains open for expansion to the north and south”.

To read the recent release, which prompted Cormark’s update:

2024 should be full of catalytic events for Thesis. It could be quite a year for shareholders based on what has been achieved to date combined with the resource and project advancements that Thesis management has clearly outlined (below) for the coming year.

Should the gold price remain strong and perhaps continue to rise as market prognosticators are calling for and then add in a predicted resurgence of broad investor interest in quality junior resource companies; it could turn into a champagne popping 2024!.

On the topic of valuation, Peter Epstein (a Thesis shareholder) recently weighed in on that topic. 
To view the current Thesis Gold presentation that makes the case for putting the company at the top of the Watch list, see below;